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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who Loves Etsy?

Today I stumbled across Heartsy.  Have you heard of it?  I am a huge fan of Groupon and buy many of their deals...well Heartsy is pretty much the same thing but they only feature Etsy sellers.   With the tight economy it makes sense for people to want good deals.  Or, if you have an Etsy shop and haven't heard of this great site, you need to hurry up and check it out so you can be featured on there.  So if you love Etsy, why not sign up with Heartsy to get their daily deals sent to your inbox?  Here is another one of those things where I think I wish I had thought of it...

Here is a recent Heartsy deals I wish I had scooped up -

$12 for a $30 credit to this super cool Etsy shop - HelloGoodbyeAgain.

We want you to share your Etsy shop or your favorite Etsy shop.  Add it to the linky below so you can feature the fabulous items you create and sell.  

*We have no affiliation with Heartsy or the Etsy shops profiled in today's post... we are just sharing something fabulous we stumbled across*


  1. This is great! I linked up my ETSY shop :)

    Outfitted and Inspired

  2. Amazing! What an awesome idea. I'd much rather spend money knowing it's going to SOMEONE, rather than a company, you know?
    New follower from the hop!